Little note about comissions!

These commission prizes apply only works that are for personal use only. To inquire prizes for bigger projects contact me by e-mail:
•What I CAN draw?
• Your OWN RGB, animation, OC or comic characters. "Avatar" character from videogames, that you custom yourself are also fine. I can also draw your friend character if the picture is going to be a gift.
• Fantasy, horror and scifi genres.
• Humans, robots, anthtors, furrys and animals.
• Nudity.
• Blood and gore.

What I WILL NOT draw??
• Porn and fetishes.
• Characters that are under copyright and aren’t yours. Except game characters that are more like “avatar”. (Example: Final fantasy XIV, Skyrim, Fable).
• Political, racistic or insulting pictures.
• Characters that you don’t have good reference pictures..
How to ask for commission?
• Contac me by using my email

• Put “commission” at subject.

• Add also your references to the message and tell me shortly what kind of picture you like to have.

• I make few sketches of your picture and then sent them to you. From those sketches you can choice one you like and maybe suggest some changes. • Before I start to work, I take payment beforehand in two parts. One half before I start and last one when picture is ready. I only take payment through Paypal. Suomalaisille myös tilisiirto on mahdollinen.

• When picture is completed and you have paid it, I sent it to your email in good quality (jpg./png, 300 dbi) without my “” watermark.
You’re not allowed
• To use picture for commercial purposes.
• To claim that you have made it.
• To edit and spread pic on web or anywhere else.
• To delete picture’s credits.

You’re allowed
• To print it on the mug, shirt or paper, if it’s only for your personal use and you’re not going to make money out of it.
• To use picture as an avatar, banner, etc. But only if you keep my credits in the pic. It would be nice if you could link it to my website, but there’s not absolute coercion for that.
• To give it to your friend as a gift.
Price list
• Bust
Without bg - 22 USD
Simple bg- 26 USD
+Character - 22 USD

• Half body
Without bg - 44 USD
Simple bg - 49 USD
Complicated pg - 55-133 USD
+Character - 33 USD

• Full body
Without bg - 66 USD
Simple bg - 71 USD
Complicated bg - 100-145 USD
+Character - 33 USD