Screen name: Ernunoob
Name: Anna-k. "Yrtti" Taivaloja
Nationality: Finland, Oulu

Young digital artist from Oulu, that love comics and videogames.

She has studied comics two years in The Liminka School of Arts and after that three years in vocational school and graduated as a Media Assistant. Now she is studying visual media in Oulu's University of Applied Sciences, and in future she like to get a job in video game industry as a graphic designer or a concept artist.

Finnish: National language.
England: She understand and speak English.

She know how to use
☆ Photoshop
☆ Illustrator
☆ InDesing
☆ Dreamweaver
☆ Word
☆ Exel
☆ Powerpoint
☆ HTML, CSS and little bit PHP coding .